HealthTech Cera is creating 5,000 new jobs throughout the UK.

The company, launched less than five years ago, has reached its initial goal of filling 10,000 jobs during the pandemic and by the end of 2021, several months ahead of schedule. 

The majority of the new roles will be in frontline healthcare services such as professional carers and nurses, but Cera also seeks to employ professionals across operations, technology, finance and data to accelerate and facilitate its growth.

Cera hopes to incentivise prospective professional carers to join the company by introducing a new £500 ‘Golden Hello Bonus’, applicable to care professionals who have joined the company since late August.

Applicants for professional carer roles do not need to hold specific skills or qualifications to apply for an advertised role at Cera. The company’s technology enables the firm to recruit, train, certify and deploy new carers in a matter of days.

“At the start of the pandemic, we set out to solve two of the most pressing issues facing the UK,” said CEO and co-founder Dr Ben Maruthappu. 

“Firstly, we wanted to reduce pressures placed on the NHS due to the pandemic by bringing more talent into the care sector and, secondly, we wanted to offer jobs to thousands of people to help counter the unemployment crisis, allowing them to retrain and gain fulfilling careers in healthcare.

“We’re enormously proud of the role we’ve been able to play thus far. However, this is just the beginning – in the short-term we plan to grow Cera further, and bring an additional 5,000 new professionals into the health and social care sector during a period of unprecedented pressure.”

Cera’s technology predicts changes in the condition of those it cares for by more than 30x faster than traditional methods, by combining digital analytics with real-time monitoring of vital health data. 

Its technology is used by 2,000+ companies, while Cera responds to more than 5,000 ‘high-risk’ alerts among older and vulnerable people every day, drastically reducing hospitalisations and protecting vital NHS resources.

As one of the UK’s largest healthcare-at-home providers, Cera delivers more than 40,000 healthcare visits to older and vulnerable people up and down the country every single day. 

The company has overseen more than 10 million healthcare visits since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.