Posted on November 22, 2016 by staff

Health tech will minimise clinicians’ mistakes


The unlocking of health data will lead to fewer mistakes by clinicians, according to a key figure in health tech.

Tech has massive potential in all areas of life and business, and the health sector is no different.

Jonathan Burr is CEO of Intelesant, a Manchester-based firm helping local councils, NHS organisations and volunteer groups to gather and share information about an individual’s wellbeing through technology.

Burr, who will speak at the ‘Transforming healthcare through technology’ conference in Lancashire on Wednesday, also told BusinessCloud that “many of our healthcare problems are avoidable”.

“The biggest alteration in the health landscape can come from unlocking and joining data so that patients and clinicians are better informed, make less mistakes and can make new discoveries through data,” he said.

“The problems that tech is applied to are such massive, complicated problems: they are global.

“Ageing, for example, affects everyone: tech can help us learn more about how our bodies work and manage ourselves better.

“There are great opportunities to innovate and discover, even for non-clinicians and scientists.”

Intelesant’s Howz product provides the knowledge that an elderly person is safe, warm and well.

It works by combining data from sensors that measures electricity usage, heat, light, doors and movement.

Burr added that the NHS will benefit from Howz by reducing avoidable hospital admissions.