Posted on April 20, 2020 by staff

Have your say: Vote for UK’s 100 HealthTech Pioneers


The day has arrived to cast your vote for the UK companies pioneering the drive to introduce tech into healthcare  – welcome to 100 HealthTech Pioneers.

Accelerating technologies such as wearables, artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality are changing how we monitor ongoing health issues as well as how we diagnose and treat illnesses.

Tech is playing a crucial role in the fight against coronavirus while before the pandemic it was also helping to transform a creaking NHS by improving patient services and processes.

After sifting through nominations and carrying out our own research, we have compiled a shortlist of around 200 groundbreaking companies in the HealthTech arena.

Vote for the UK’s top HealthTech Pioneers!

We have assembled a panel of judges who will each choose their top 15 companies. More are expected to be confirmed this week.

  • Corby Ganesh, portfolio director, HETT
  • Abeyna Bubbers-Jones, CEO, Medic Footprints
  • Nick Prentice, global community support, One HealthTech
  • Chris Reay, property director, MediaCityUK
  • Jonathan Symcox, editor, BusinessCloud

For the next two weeks we are simultaneously running a voting process for our readers. You have until 11pm on Sunday January 3rd May to vote.

The final 100 ranking, which will be published online on June 15th and in the Q2 2020 edition of BusinessCloud magazine, will be decided by a combination of the judges’ rankings and public vote.

Vote for the UK’s top HealthTech Pioneers!