Posted on March 6, 2019 by staff

Harwell Campus bags £110m to expand


Science and innovation hub Harwell Campus has secured £110 million to further expand the site.

The funding from Santander Corporate & Commercial will allow it to add 400,000 sq ft of further development and take growth to more than a million sq ft in less than eight years.

“Harwell is on a mission to stimulate innovation in the science and tech industries, drive economic growth in the UK and boost our place in the global market,” said Angus Horner, director of Harwell Campus.

“With a combination of private companies, start-ups, investors, government organisations, and academics all in one place, it is environment with unique opportunities for collaboration.

“Being co-located with Europe’s largest collection of open access science facilities, organisations can advance their research, validate and test their technology and tap into the knowledge and skills of the 5,500 strong science and tech community.”

The 5,500 people-strong campus near Oxford, which includes laboratories and high-tech manufacturing facilities, is planning a total of 5.5 million sq ft development.

Europe’s largest collection of open access scientific facilities, worth over £2bn is located at Harwell.

A property consultancy recently predicted that Cambridge and Oxford will need around 40 football pitches worth of new lab space to accommodate the next five years of growth.