Posted on May 9, 2019 by staff

HappyGo launches on-the-day dating app


Company HappyGo has launched a London dating app to arrange dates on the same day.

The app, aimed at young working professionals, will give users three local profile choices of potential dates and have until 1pm that day to decide on one.

At 2pm they will be notified if they have found a match, and the app will introduce the pair and recommend a nearby pub or bar for them to meet.

The company originally launched a pilot in Edinburgh last year, but hopes for the London launch to ‘get people out and about’.

“We want to bring people online and into the real world because we were concerned with the direction that our generation was taking with regards to technology; living on social media and behind a screen,” said Keelan Kember, co-founder and head of operations at HappyGo.

“This was most prevalent with regards to dating apps – our peers were wasting hours of their time swiping endlessly, chatting for weeks and never actually meeting.

HappyGo wants to use technology for good, and harness it to get people meeting online, and in real life.”