Video meetings provider StarLeaf is now working with over 100 English NHS organisations. 

The Watford firm is helping them to communicate and collaborate remotely, train and recruit staff and keep vital treatment, clinics and consultations going as social distancing measures remain in place.  

During the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring the NHS was forced to dramatically change the way it operates, with almost all-non COVID patient care having to be carried out remotely, and non-frontline staff required to work from home.  

StarLeaf says its video solutions have helped Trusts to take pressure off life-saving critical services, while allowing patients continued access to essential care appointments and keeping its staff as safe as possible. 

A number of Trusts benefit from the use of StarLeaf meeting room solutions, as well as use via desktops and other devices to facilitate home and remote working. Its software also enables NHS staff to record and stream meetings where required, ensuring important communications can reach wider audiences and be subsequently accessed. 

StarLeaf is directly connected to the NHS’s Health and Social Care Network, meaning information can be accessed and shared using a secure, private cloud connection, designed specifically for the NHS.  

StarLeaf has its own NHS specific data centre, ensuring sensitive patient information discussed and exchanged during meetings remains confidential and is transmitted and stored securely. These data centres have not routed information through China, and all patient data resides within the UK.  

Mark Richer, co-founder and CEO of StarLeaf said: “The NHS provides a vital service to all of us across the country and the last few months have been testing times for everyone.  

We’re proud to work with NHS teams across the country, giving them access to secure, reliable video solutions that enable them to continue to provide first-class care and vital services, regardless of geography or other obstacles, such as the pandemic.  

We’ll continue to ensure that StarLeaf is a solution that people can rely upon to easily and safely connect with organisations such as the NHS.”