Posted on February 12, 2018 by staff

Tech will drive travel firm to £50m turnover


A Manchester-based competitor to Camp America aims to grow turnover to £50m in five years – and says technology will make it happen.

Invasion Camp Group, which employs nearly 50 staff and turns over £4.1m, grew its brand through social media and predicts that 30,000 people will use its brands this year.

“Without social media we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation now,” said co-founder Lee McAteer.

“We grew up as the very first Facebook generation, and we saw the writing on the wall. Everyone else was doing posters and talks. We were doing everything on social media.

“When you’re based in Salford but working in all corners of the world  you need to have the best technology. We’re a people business first and foremost but we’re underpinned by technology.

“We generate a lot of data and we invest a lot of money in technology to make sure we utilise it properly. Our growth will be built on a tech platform and our profile will be based on social media.”

McAteer and business partner NickSteiert made global headlines after their Salford office was transformed into a giant ball park with over 250,000 plastic balls.

McAteer, 33, was described as ‘Britain’s best boss’.

The owners say they’ve already turned down several offers to buy the business, which works extensively in the US, Canada, Australia and South East Asia. “We feel that the company can go so much further than it already has done,” said McAteer.

“It’s a lifestyle choice for me and Nick. We genuinely feel deep-down that we are making a difference.”

Invasion Camp Group, which also offers experiences in Cambodia, the Maldives and South Africa, has its sights set on an American HQ.