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A fast-growing tech recruitment firm has moved into new offices in Manchester city centre.

Fairmont Recruitment moved into 2,100 sq ft of space in 53-55 Mosley Street, which is three times bigger from their previous base in Knutsford.

The new office includes an outdoor terrace, big screens, pool table, chill-out area and collaboration space.

The tech recruitment specialist has signed a five-year lease on the office, which CEO Jack Donohue predicted would be the ‘springboard’ for future growth.

Fairmont was founded in 2018 and Donohue described the office move as the ‘most significant step’ in the company’s history to date.

“Our previous office in Booths Park, Knutsford had space for 10 employees so we were full,” he said. “We’re not a reactive business, we’re looking forward to the future.

Tech recruiter hits record £1m revenue

“We can get between 24-26 people in the new space so we’re future-proofing our growth.

“Next for us won’t be about new offices in Manchester but different locations, possibly in London and internationally.”

Donohue said they looked at a number of alternative locations, including MediaCity, before settling on Mosley Street.

‘Switching to a four-day week transformed our business and our staff’

“We wanted somewhere with a ‘wow’ factor and that’s what we’ve got with Mosley Street,” he said. “We needed a central location, with first class public transport, that was accessible to future and current talent.

“We do a four-day working week at Fairmont so we want people to be in the office for those four days. To ask people to work from the office means you have to provide a space where they want to work.

“That’s why we’ve gone for a bit of a showstopper and invested more money than we would have done if we’d gone for a standard office.”

The office move comes at a time of record growth for Fairmont, which employs 11 staff and is on track to double its turnover to £3.5m in the current financial year.

“The market is buoyant but there’s a lot of competition so you have to work really closely with your clients to make sure they’re getting their messaging right,” said Donohue. “We’re dealing with people’s careers so we have to get it right.”

Workspace advice specialist Level, which was founded by Joe Averill earlier this year, secured the new office deal for Fairmont.

Averill said: “It’s a great location. It’s not a traditional office for professional services. It’s character space with exposed brick.”