Posted on October 3, 2016 by staff

Government ‘must harness tech to drive transformation’


A digital services firm has called on the Government to improve public services, deliver greater efficiency and improve people’s lives through technology.

Atos UK&I set out its ‘Digital Vision for Government’ opinion paper which seeks to highlight the opportunities associated with a strategic programme of digital transformation.

It said such a transformation could enable the UK to become a global leader in the provision of digital public sector services.

Former digital minister Ed Vaizey, the Conservative MP for Wantage, commented: “The impact of digital transformation on public services will be profound.

“We can use technology to build a new version of government; one which gives citizens the power to take control of the way they interact with the state.”

The paper spanned such themes as cloud computing, cyber security, big data and next generation business process services in its call for a unified smart digital ecosystem.

TechUK CEO Julian David said technology should be at the forefront of delivering efficiency in society.

“The coming decades will be one of the most challenging times for government as it strives to deliver better value for money while meeting the needs of an ageing and more demanding population,” he said.

“Tech can be part of the solution to many of the social and economic challenges facing the UK today.

“We must work together to accelerate progress, or the dream of a digitally transformed public sector will slip from our grasp.”

Adrian Gregory, chief executive of Atos UK&I, said that the scale of digital transformation and disruption being witnessed needs to be harnessed.

“Creating our Digital Vision for Government helps those who now have the opportunity to use digital to deliver services that citizens need in an ever more instinctive and convenient way.

“Technological change has already happened in the world around us.

“Add to this the possibilities through Internet of Things, cognitive computing, wearable devices and the platform economy it is clear that this change will only accelerate.”