The science, innovation and business community came together this week at London’s Royal Institution and Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum to launch the Government Office for Technology Transfer.

Led by Dr Alison Campbell, GOTT has a cross-government mandate to supercharge the identification, development and exploitation of public sector knowledge assets, estimated to be worth over £106 billion.

Part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), it  aims to encourage the public sector to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in how it manages its own assets.

BEIS non-executive board member Vikas Shah joined Dr Campbell to welcome invitees from the innovation ecosystem in the North, as well as showcasing the city as a centre for government innovation.

“The UK is an exceptional research, knowledge and innovation base, cementing its position as a genuine global science superpower,” said Science and Investment Security Minister Nusrat Ghani. 

“However, British discoveries are too often brought to market elsewhere, taking the expertise and financial benefits from UK research to foreign economies.

“This is why the work of the excellent new Government Office for Technology Transfer, launching today, will be so important. 

“I look forward to seeing this new office work to commercialise the UK’s outstanding home-grown knowledge assets to benefit our country’s economy, society, and position as an Innovation Nation.

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GOTT CEO Dr Campbell said: “I’m delighted to be able to mark the launch of the Government Office for Technology Transfer – as a dedicated team with a cross-government remit, it’s a first of its kind.

“Our purpose is to raise awareness across government of the value of intangible knowledge assets and to provide practical advice and support to enable such opportunities to be properly exploited.

“There is a wealth of knowledge, resources and intellectual property across the portfolio of government investments that has the power to drive innovation across business and the public sector. 

“There are already many exciting examples of how these are contributing to the British economy. We want to enhance the scale and pace of knowledge asset development across the public sector.”

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