Google has launched its generative artificial intelligence mobile app Gemini in the UK four months after it went live in the United States.

Android users can now download the app from Google’s Play Store, with Apple users to follow in the next couple of weeks. The latter will have to access it from the Google app. 

It works in a similar way to the desktop version, where users type or speak to Gemini – or snap a picture – to receive conversational, AI-generated answers.

“With the Gemini app on your phone, you can type, talk or add an image for all kinds of help,” said Jules Walter, group product manager for Gemini experiences at Google.

“You can take a picture of your flat tyre and ask for instructions on how to change it, or get help writing that thank you note.

“It’s an important first step in building a true AI assistant — one that is conversational, multimodal and helpful.”

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He added: “We remain dedicated to making Gemini available to as many people as possible.

“By expanding our language support and reaching new countries, we’re ensuring more people can supercharge their ideas with Gemini.”

Google is planning Gemini as an AI-powered replacement for its Google Assistant.

Users of Google Pixel phones can already replace Google Assistant with the Gemini chatbot: they can start speaking to Gemini using the “Hey Google” voice command, by corner swiping or by pressing the power button.

In February, Google was forced to apologise when Gemini’s image generation tool supplied historically inaccurate images depicting the wrong genders and ethnicities.

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