Apolitical, the global online learning platform and community for public servants, has received a $5 million grant from to scale up its Government AI Campus programme.

With the age of AI promising transformative impacts across society and the economy, governments must become AI-capable to keep pace with the opportunities and threats posed by the technology and its application. 

The Government AI Campus is a trusted knowledge and learning hub for governments – and the world’s 200 million civil servants – on governing and applying the technology.

The Government AI Campus delivered training to 13,000 public servants during its pilot phase, powered by content from world-renowned institutions such as Stanford Online and with initial funding from and Rockefeller Foundation.

Through the AI Campus, public servants can access peer-to-peer communities, free online courses, and masterclasses with global experts. It aims to reach one million government workers over the next two years.’s funding will expand the AI Campus through five new courses, convenings and briefings for senior decision-makers, a thought leadership series, and new tools and frameworks for government decision-makers. It will also support adaptation of the AI Campus content to different country contexts, partnering with government ministries in key regions. 

This includes translation into ten languages (including French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean and Japanese), developing country-specific case studies, and drawing on local and regional AI experts.  

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“This funding will support a critical levelling up of governments to succeed and lead in the age of AI,” said Robyn Scott, CEO and co-founder of Apolitical. 

“Our data shows that 60% of public servants are already using generative AI in their work. But only 35% have received guidance and 15% have received training. We’re excited to provide world class training and resources to close this gap. 

“We are grateful to for its generous support, which will enable us to support governments with the ambition and scale demanded by the moment.”

Rowan Barnett,’s Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa said: “We believe in the transformative power of AI for the public sector, and we’re committed to enabling civil servants globally to leverage this technology responsibly and effectively for their constituents’ benefit. 

“ is proud to support the Government AI Campus, which serves a critical role in preparing future-ready, technology-fluent government workers and leaders.”

Murat Soncul, head of privacy at Central Digital and Data Office within the UK’s Cabinet Office said: “The AI Campus has taught me that I have a healthy balance of being excited but mindful and cautious about AI and its potential harms. It has made me think of ethical issues; AI is not just a technological innovation but it is about the people, services, and data that sits behind it.”

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