Posted on September 22, 2017 by staff

GoInStore customer service tech ‘the future of shopping’


Would being connected with a shop floor assistant make you more likely to complete that online purchase?

London-based tech start-up GoInStore uses wearable glasses and video streaming to connect online customers with in-store retail assistants.

The two-way audio and one-way video means the shopper doesn’t even have to get out of their pyjamas while putting their questions to experienced salespeople and viewing product demonstrations.

With clients like Porsche, Marriott, Dyson and Farfetch, GoInStore seems to be doing something right.

The company’s business development lead Jeremy Dodd discusses the changing face of retail and how to create a single experience that sells in this podcast.

“The conversion rates for a retailer online are typically a tenth of conversion rates in store, yet actually most customers are on the online channel,” says Dodd.

“So how do we leverage the selling machine that is the retail store and offer the online channel in order to close the conversion rate disparity?”

Asked how to create a single experience that drives up purchases and drives down returns, Dodd talks about the current divide between companies’ online and offline sales teams.

“Stores have an eCommerce department and retail department,” he says.

“The eCommerce team want sales online and the retail team want them in store – and typically they compete against each other.

“Forming a team that pushes a project forward, uses store assets and puts that into the online channel and then attributes that back to instore assets can be challenging.”

Listen to our podcast to hear Dodd discuss building a business that could bridge this divide, as well as key eCommerce trends and what’s next for the company.