Posted on September 25, 2018 by staff

Going paperless: ways to automate your office procedures


Every smart business should be running at peak efficiency. Streamlining operations and minimising costs help keep your numbers in the black.

Yet, by going paperless, your office can become lean and clean. Good for the environment and for your profit margins. We look at how modern digital technologies save time, cut waste and improve output.

Modern ideas to bring your business up to speed, giving you and your employees a win-win and how innovative companies such as Planet Numbers can help you take your business into a efficient new future!

Going paperless

The benefits of automating your office systems make perfect ecological and business sense. These include:

  • Fax machines, ink, photocopiers, printers and toner cartridges are expensive
  • Filing cabinets and shelving reduce office space
  • Wasted time looking for documents impacts productivity
  • Paper, cardboard and plastic boxes are environmental enemies
  • Paper documentation can look untidy and messy, time to smarten up!

Fax to Email

An early rite of passage for office juniors the world over is to deal with a piece of paper that is jammed inside a fax machine. That’s before working out all those paper trays. Worse, should your private document get through and you are not around, it is visible to everyone in the office.

Switching to Fax to Email guarantees privacy and no more inky fingers, by storing faxes as email attachments. This allows your staff to view them on their PC or MAC without delay. No more standing around waiting for a fax to arrive, or trying to work out why the signal is lost. Say goodbye to antiquated and hello to automated!

The Cloud

Modern business is mobile and dynamic, so your office needs to keep up with modern technology. Electronic devices, from tablets to smart phones enable documentation to be seen, edited and processed on-the-go.

Therefore, cloud data storage should be the jewel in the crown of your successful operation. Rather than clutter your office with filing cabinets, your data can be maintained and backed up on remote servers, whilst a protective firewall keeps your critical business information safe and sound.

Available to your employees via a secure network (Internet), cloud storage allows file access from anywhere in the world. There is more. Replace outdated software with cloud storage and watch traditional overheads, e.g. server, bandwidth and power costs, along with the aforementioned office space all go out of the window … to the clouds.

Print Audit and Device Management Software

Do you know how much your business spends on printing? Thought not. A print audit is an analysis of your copying operations and identifies the most economical devices on your network.

The audit can inform a printer management system, which monitors colour usage and automatically orders toners and supplies. It gets better.

Add in a swipe card recognition system and excessive, anonymous printing becomes a thing of the past. Watch those cost savings zoom upwards, as you modernise your environmentally-friendly business and take control of expenditure.