Posted on October 11, 2017 by staff

Godel incident software takes off at


Godel is providing and Jet2 Holidays with incident tracking application Safety HUB to make reporting issues easier for its staff.

The application created by the Manchester-based software development firm lets over 1,000 Jet2 users track incidents within its fleet of aircraft.

The tech, named Safety HUB, logs all aspects of a flight, including issues with an aircraft in the hanger, transportation or fuelling of planes and passenger or maintenance issues.

The application is aimed at crew, employees and maintenance staff.

“SafetyHUB has seen strong uptake; we’ve had a 5.4 per cent increase in the number of reported incidents for every 1000 flights – which doesn’t mean there are more incidents, just that they are now being reported,” said Andrew Aucott, general manager, business intelligence at

“The vast majority of those incidents are thankfully mundane – but the app provides a way to track them to begin to spot any trends in the data, find the route cause, analyse the impact and subsequently implement measures or tailor services more easily.

“Godel continues to be a trusted development partner providing with software solutions that engage with our users – this is just the latest project with the wider Godel brief.”

Data gained from the application will go toward improving existing services.

It also allows to become easily compliant with the Civil Aviation Authority as any issues will be brought to attention faster.