An identity verification provider based in Ireland has entered the UK market following six years of growth. 

Dublin-based ID-Pal also supports businesses of all sizes in more than 30 sectors across Ireland, the US and EU. 

Current clients include large enterprises such as Grant Thornton and Zurich International, as well as SMEs such as UK Adviser and Trust My Travel. 

The accelerated move to online during the pandemic, paired with the recent growth in new legislation including potentially conflicting regimes such as 6AMLD and GDPR, has made businesses and their customers particularly vulnerable to the reputational and monetary damage caused by financial crime.

Led by founder and CEO Colum Lyons, ID-Pal has developed a customisable solution for identity and address verification to protect businesses against these risks, available off-the-shelf or as an API/SDK. 

It offers coverage of over 6,000 ID documents across 200 countries and jurisdictions using a multi-layered approach that includes biometric, facial matching, liveness testing, address verification and document checks.

“The way in which identity verification has been done historically is just not sustainable in our digital-first mobile-ready world,” said Lyons. 

“Verifying identity documents manually is inefficient and insecure, and the risk of data flight and simple human error can make businesses vulnerable to fraud. Our unique blend of ID checks, all powered by a completely technology-first process, means multi-layered verification takes place on any ID document in real time. 

“Using AI and machine-learning offers greater accuracy in correctly classifying a document and reduces the margin for error and need for manual intervention.

“We’re looking forward to officially launching in the UK market and empowering more businesses with simple, secure, convenient identity verification for their business and their customers.”

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