Posted on October 3, 2019 by staff

Give new life to your old ERP system with ODSNet


Guildford-based ERP and eCommerce specialists, On Demand Solutions, have just launched ODSNet – a set of add-ons that can be plugged into a company’s existing ERP system to transform an old system into a world-beating multi-channel trading tool.

Technical Director of On Demand Solutions, Didrik Skantze, explained: “There are many companies, particularly SME’s, who are getting by with an old ERP system that was once a powerful business management tool, but now has a number of shortcomings, especially given the changing expectations of customers when ordering online.”

“They might find that each order is taking too much time to process, due to lack of integration between order taking and fulfilment. Maybe there’s no time to analyse customer sales, cross-sell, or deliver customer specific product recommendations. Or perhaps they are manually listing products and processing Amazon and eBay orders.”

This is where ODSNet ERP add-ons can make a huge improvement to a business. The modules plug in to a company’s existing ERP to give fully cloud based solutions that enable them to transform business sales, retail sales, telesales, on the road sales, and machine to machine ordering.

Says Didrik: “It’s one of the few solutions on the market that ensures your e-commerce platform genuinely and fully integrates with your back-office data – unlocking the value in their ERP investment and giving it a new lease of life.”

There are six ODSNet add ons which can be applied individually or in combination.

  • The B2B and B2C eCommerce add-ons give businesses a full-featured eCommerce site with a seamless connection to their financial system, plus full control of prices, credit control, stock, promotions and special offers – eliminating the need for duplicating information.
  •      The Telesales add-on enables sales staff to process customer orders more quickly, plus information to help them up-sell and cross-sell relevant products to the right customers.
  • The Field Sales add-on allows on the road staff to process orders remotely while they are with the customer as well as to deal with credit queries and view order history. Crucially they see in real time exactly the same pricing information, discounts, as is stored in the ERP system.
  • The Marketplace Connector is for business who process or want to process orders through sites like Amazon and eBay. It connects those transactions to the ERP system so that no manual intervention is required.
  • The Machine to Machine Ordering add-on allows businesses to place orders directly from their purchasing system into their ERP, creating a smooth transaction.

Companies who would like to know more should get in touch with Didrik at [email protected].

He’d be delighted to find out more about your business and to explain how the ODSNet addons could work for you.