GitLive, a messaging and collaboration tool for developers, has raised a £353,000 pre-seed funding round led by SFC Capital.

The investment was made through a combination of SFC Capital’s SEIS fund, its regional fund, and individual members of its business angel community.

The software is designed for real-time code collaboration and communication in remote and non-remote work settings.

The investment sees GitLive launch the full commercial version of the platform – currently in beta – this autumn.

The software launches with a plugin for small to medium sized businesses, but it said longer-term plans include an enterprise cloud offering.

Speaking about the company’s ambitions, Friedrich Coen, COO at GitLive said: “Our strategy is to get into organisations from the bottom up. Developers are very particular about the tools they use, but very trusting of their peers – if one person in a team sees the value in GitLive, we’re confident that the rest of the team will follow. Once we’ve proved that there’s high-demand for our service, the next logical step is an enterprise grade product for larger teams.”

Nicholas Bransby-Williams, CEO at GitLive, added: “Discussing code is hard, especially when having to copy and paste snippets into Slack or Microsoft Teams. Turning the IDE into a collaborative workspace by making work-in-progress code available for discussion and collaboration, GitLive is all about encouraging teamwork and increasing developer productivity.”

Stephen Page, CEO at SFC Capital, said: “Built by developers for developers, we’re confident that GitLive has real potential to make a difference to this community.”