Posted on November 16, 2017 by staff

Gift matching platform launches Christmas offer


Gift Wink will offer the first 1,000 users to create Christmas profiles a £10 voucher to spend onsite thanks to the newly launched Christmas offer.

The gift matching platform will also offer a bonus £5 for getting friends to sign up.

Gift Wink is helping users tackle the hard part of winter holiday shopping by providing them with a personalised gift list for all their loved ones.

A recent Gift Wink survey of almost 500 respondents from across the UK found that 84 per cent of Brits have received a gift they didn’t like.

Gift Wink wants to change the gifting experience by providing users with a simple, time-saving platform to find better presents.

Customers can set up a profile on Gift Wink’s website and share key information on who they are buying for.

Gift Wink’s digital matchmaking technology will then select a list of possible presents that have been carefully curated by a team of gift spotters, with a perfect match rate for users’ loved ones.

The more users engage with the platform the better the system becomes at suggesting the best present matches.

Gift Wink was co-founded by Alex Farrell and Rebecca McAra who believe that the time is ripe to start a gifting revolution.

They wanted to find a way to make the whole process of buying someone a present simple, enjoyable and fast.

CEO and co-founder Alex Farrell said: “Gifting is an enormous industry that is ripe for an overhaul.

“With so much of our lives lived online these days, there is no excuse for getting a gift wrong or forgetting a birthday. The amount of choice we have is overwhelming!

“We wanted to use technology to match gift buyers with the perfect gift and remind them to buy it in plenty of time.

“No more hours spent trawling the internet for present inspiration – our gift matching system will source the perfect one every time.

“There’s no better time to use it than Christmas when the amount of time spent on gifting can get out of hand. Gift Wink does the work and you take the credit.”

Gift Wink saves key dates and intelligence about the person you are buying for, so you will be notified weeks in advance with a unique selection.

Within a few clicks you can sort a present and have it delivered without having to leave the Gift Wink website.