Posted on March 31, 2017 by staff

Geordie Shore brings VR to reality TV in ‘world first’


Retail agency Savvy has launched a VR experience with a difference – with the help of hit TV show Geordie Shore.

Billed as reality TV’s first ever virtual reality, users are given the chance to put themselves in the middle of one of the programme’s infamously wild house parties.

Highlights include a food fight, a massive argument, ‘cheeky action’ in one of the bedrooms and a party in the hot tub – before the user finally wakes up with one of the Geordies next to them.

Developing the concept in collaboration with Jody Malam (MTV creative director) and Kate Dunn (MTV senior creative) a script was developed for Savvy’s story.

For each scene the best available camera technology was used and all footage was blended and aligned in a 360 VR edit suite.

Launched on the Samsung VR platform, Facebook and YouTube 360 films, the Radgie Rampage VR experience gives a first look at the new series of Geordie Shore.

Ben Stoney, Savvy digital development director, said: “When defining a concept and planning a VR experience you need to think carefully about what you’re not going to focus on at the same time as defining your wish list of action.

“For the Radgie Rampage experience we planned a natural narrative that fits with the shows characters and themes, then we created seamlessly linked scenarios where the cast could be themselves and invite the viewer to be a central part of the action.”

On location the marketing firm used a combination of 190 degree fish eye Izugar lenses on 4k full CCD small form factor cameras, then GoPro cylinder, cube and offset rigs for motion shots and finally a waterproof double lens 2x 220 degree field of view 4K low light cameras for the hot tub and outdoor scenes.

Each shot was metered, planned and prepared for in advance keeping the shoot flowing from start to finish.