A generative AI sign language translation software company has closed a seed funding round of £2 million.

Signapse raised £1.5m from investors and £500,000 from the UK government. 

The round was led by Soulmates Ventures and Deeptech Seed Fund, with participation from other investors, including the Royal Association for Deaf people, Empirical Ventures, CEAS Investments, and FSE Group.

The funding will be used to improve deaf accessibility through building unconstrained translation for British Sign Language (BSL). 

“I couldn’t be more excited and proud about this next stage in our growth. It is a landmark opportunity, a once in a lifetime moment, to build a transformative product,” said Sally Chalk, CEO and co-founder at Signapse. 

“I would like to thank everyone that is, and has been, part of our amazing team.”

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Over the past two years, Signapse has used generative AI to create 5,000 BSL train announcements daily throughout the UK, as well as delivering over 4,000 manual BSL translations for clients in the website and video markets. 

More recently, Signapse has delivered deaf accessibility to transport companies such as LNER train stations in the UK and an airport in the US.

Ben Saunders, CTO and also a co-founder, added: “This is an important chapter for Signapse, where we can expand our AI messaging from limited domains of discourse such as transport to more open-ended markets such as website and video translation.

“I am excited to continue to improve accessibility for deaf people globally.”

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