Posted on February 6, 2017 by staff

GDS saves taxpayer 339m pounds


The Government Digital Service helped save £339 million through spend controls in 2015-16, according to the Cabinet Office.

The Government said it made £3.3 billion of total savings through greater efficiency in IT procurement and office space management, the selling off of surplus Government property and reducing fraud, error and uncollected debt in welfare spending.

The savings were assessed by the Government Internal Audit Agency, which said the GDS savings came from “intervention in departmental digital and technology projects”.

They pointed out that the figures come from comparing “differences between original and revised, approved plans rather than between original plans and actual spend”.

The GIAA report said: “GIAA are content with the assertion that GDS Standards Assurance Savings Team savings are identified through controls, cancelled projects and ICT Strategy savings.

“GIAA are able to give moderate assurance as the actual cost reductions will not be realised and confirmed until each scheme is completed and will be delivered across the period of delivery, which could be more than one reporting year.”

The GDS spend controls process states that any Government IT contract worth more than £100m needs GDS approval, as do any digital services worth more than £100,000.

Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer said the savings show the Government is working to achieve a strong and stable economy.

He added: “We have made significant steps forward in tackling fraud, selling off redundant government property and making better use of modern digital technology to drive saving.

“The government is committed to delivering value for money for taxpayers and the Cabinet Office will continue to drive savings right across departments as set out in the Spending Review in 2015.”