Posted on March 15, 2018 by staff

‘GDPR is a journey’


The General Data Protection Regulation has been described as the most significant overhaul in data protection in a generation.

Statistics suggest that the majority of organisations are still not prepared despite the prospect of irreparable reputational damage and being fined €20m or four per cent of worldwide annual turnover if they do not comply.

Edward Whittingham of the Business Fraud Prevention Partnership is urging businesses to look at GDPR as a journey and encourages them to adopt a step-by-step programme to help them achieve and maintain compliance.

“There is no one piece of software, nor a one-off consultancy piece that can assure compliance, instead GDPR requires work in all areas of a business – whether that be reviewing current privacy policies and standards, identifying the different types of data held and processed within the business, or even within your own marketing initiatives or supplier contracts,” he says.

“It is really important that businesses recognise there is no silver bullet for GDPR compliance, rather it requires ongoing attention and engagement to ensure you are meeting your requirements.”

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