Posted on March 14, 2018 by staff

Game distribution platform raises $10 million


London-based game distribution platform Flexion Mobile has raised $10 million in funding.

Flexion said it would use the cash to continue its global expansion and will apply for listing on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm during 2018.

Flexion allows game developers to launch their titles on global platforms such as Amazon and Samsung but also a range of regional channels in Asia and the Middle East.

“In the last 12 months, developer interest in distribution outside the traditional channels has reached new levels and we are now preparing for further growth,” said CEO Jens Lauritzson.

“We are not yet at the scale of Google Play but we can promise developers who come to us high quality users in key markets.

“We are aiming to become the 3rdlargest channel for game developers and we are making quick progress with new channels launching every quarter.”

Most of the leading Android developers produce games that are dependent on Google Play. Payments, advertising, notifications and social features all require work to be integrated in free-to-play games and it is expensive for developers to support variations of these features for new channels.

Flexion’s distribution platform and technology lets developers use one version and it seamlessly updates games so that they can be launched and updated simultaneously in any distribution channel without additional work for the developer.

The company also offer full operational outsourcing including liveops, fraud protection and customer care.

“We are currently seeing strong demand from Asian developers who are coming to western markets and from western developers who are going in the other direction,” added Lauritzson.

“It is very difficult for developers to stay focused on making great games for global markets and at the same time become experts in regional marketing and distribution.

“That’s why we are busier than ever right now.”