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Did you know that you can follow live online casino players via Twitch? The popular live video streaming service has long provided a stage for online gamblers, who stream their gambling adventures on their own channels. However, the platform tightened their regulations in August 2021, preventing these types of streamers from sharing sponsored casinos links or promo codes. Is this the end of this kind of live stream on the platform?

Twitch & non GamStop casinos

When Twitch launched in 2011, the platform was mainly used for live streaming video games. Streaming online slot games emerged soon afterwards as players shared their gaming experience with others.

But there were also live streamers that showed how, for example, claiming a casino bonus works. A number of table playing streamers became very popular: Roshtein, for example, has more than 774.8K followers on the streaming platform. 

He already has very lucrative collaborations with non GamStop casinos, check them at this link. 

Collaborations with crypto casinos not on GamStop

Online casinos quickly realised that they could appeal to a large audience via streamers on Twitch. These crypto casinos have therefore entered into partnerships with various casino streamers. They were paid to make live streams about the online casinos.

The collaborations came about in various ways. Sometimes a sponsored link was shared by the streamer, sometimes the creator received free credit for the online casino and at other times the influencer received a pre-agreed amount per stream.

Twitch finally takes ‘deep-dive look’ into gambling streams

In August 2021, the streaming platform introduced new regulations regarding the streaming of online casino content.

It is not illegal to stream casino content, but the new gambling guidelines do prohibit streamers from posting sponsored links or referral codes. This makes it more difficult for Twitch streamers to refer directly to an online casino. 

They can no longer earn money through the affiliate links and are no longer allowed to give their viewers special codes for bonuses.

Ban on non GamStop affiliate links

Affiliate links are links that direct streamers to non GamStop casinos. They often received financial compensation for this. 

A new player sees a casino on a Twitch channel, becomes interested and can click through immediately. But this is no longer allowed by Twitch. 

Protection against scams

In a statement, Twitch said: “To prevent harms and scams created by questionable services that sponsor content on Twitch, we will prohibit sharing links and/or referral codes to sites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games.” 

This is important to protect younger users: you only need to be 13 years old to create a Twitch account. 

Should non GamStop casino streamers be concerned about their earnings?

The stricter regulations make it less attractive for non GamStop casinos to set up partnerships with streamers. However, it does not mean that collaborations are no longer lucrative for both parties. There are other ways to share links with followers than just through Twitch and other forms of sponsorship are already common. Even without the direct links, the streams bring in a lot of new players for the casinos and these collaborations will certainly not stop immediately.