DKK Partners, a FinTech company which specialises in emerging markets and foreign exchange liquidity, has raised £3 million in pre-seed funding.

The company says it surpassed its initial funding target by 33%, marking a significant milestone in its journey to democratise access to the FX liquidity sector by providing financial services across the globe.

The London-based firm has a pre-money valuation of approximately £100m and has seen huge revenue growth over the last three and a half years.

It plans to raise a Series B round at the beginning of 2024.

The news follows DKK Partners’ recent expansion into East Africa, opening its newest office in Nairobi, Kenya followed by Uganda and Tanzania which is supported by the successful attainment of the CONSUMAF licence which will help to accelerate its financial services operations in Africa.

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“At DKK Partners we saw value in providing the opportunity for those who have supported us over the years, helping us to build the organisation that exists today, to continue their support, share our success and give thanks to all who have been a part of our journey up until this point,” said co-founder Khalid Talukder.

“Our organisation has grown tremendously since it was founded and we are excited to continue our journey, reaching more emerging markets and improving global trade by improving the FX and payments sector.

“It is all too common that business opportunities can be delayed or missed without access to high quality financial services, and we are looking forward to seeing how DKK Partners can provide help to those who need it around the globe.”

Dominic Duru, co-Founder, added: “The pre-seed funding raise will continue to strengthen balance sheets, allowing us to invest in additional compliance and technology to help drive efficiency and distribution of our products and services. 

“As we continue to scale up our organisations and expand our operations, our goal is to provide the highest quality FX and payments services, making trading in key markets such as Africa easy.”

“We hope to further disrupt markets and liberate a whole new generation of companies, from ambitious startups to established corporates, allowing our customers to develop clear strategies, manage currency risk and develop sharp pricing.”

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