Posted on October 23, 2015 by staff

Future GDS to be announced before Christmas


According to the Cabinet Office Parliamentary Secretary, George Bridges, the government will announce its Government Digital Service Strategy (GDS) plans by Christmas.

Bridges said the government is 100% committed to the digital strategy set out in the previous parliament and to the vision of Government as a Platform (GaaP).

Deputy Director of government technology, Andy Beale, said earlier this month that the GDS is going to be in a “different mode” as it moves into a new phase of development, and what this entails will depend on the future of the GaaP programme and the spending review in November.

Bridges added: “The plans to create government as a platform continue.

“I can say that we are utterly committed and remain committed to the strategy that was set out in the last parliament. Plans will be announced before Christmas that will set out our strategy.

“From my own experience in the private sector it is right that the entire organisation continues to embrace digital technology and build government as a platform.”