Posted on March 28, 2019 by staff

Freelance accelerator launches virtual office


Start-up UnderPinned which helps freelancers find work has launched its online virtual office.

The accelerator has also opened a new London hub to be used by freelancers for workshops and as a co-working space.

UnderPinned’s virtual office aims to help freelancers find and manage work, including portfolio building, invoicing and contracting.

Through its new career accelerator hub in Hackney, UnderPinned will provide a physical space for members to work and provide workshops, mentoring sessions, co-working space and community and networking events.

“Freelancing offers amazing flexibility and freedom, but establishing yourself in this world can be challenging,” said Albert Azis-Clauson, CEO and founder of UnderPinned.

“Often, freelancers struggle to build fulfilling careers and find themselves in the rut of servicing a disparate series of jobs which bear no resemblance to their ambitions. All of this is, of course, before being buried in complicated admin.

“Our virtual office helps to solve this by cutting the administrative burden, providing freelancers with a platform to find the work they want, manage their projects, and get paid.”

UnderPinned members also have access to 24/7 counselling, legal, and tax helplines in partnership with Digital Risks, as well as a network of shared working space across the UK in partnership with Dispace.

Ahead of the launch the firm has raised £400,000 with Crowdcube Chairman Simon Williams and an award winning SEIS and EIS fund the leading investors.

Williams added: “Freelancing is an exciting and rapidly growing area of our workforce, but too many freelancers currently get over-burdened by admin or stuck in unfulfilling and poorly paid work.

“Albert and the UnderPinned team have come up with a unique offer, that enables freelancers to fulfil their potential as an engine of creativity in the UK economy.”

Commenting on the launch of the new space, Azis-Clauson said: “Our new London hub provides a space that freelancers can go to with the confidence that they will learn, grow, and meet people; this just doesn’t exist currently.”