Frame – a West Yorkshire-based technology and data science business – has smashed the £1 million turnover milestone nine months ahead of its own predictions. 

The firm, which turns three this month, attributes this success to its focus on constantly delivering high quality data and AI systems at pace.

Demand has been especially strong from the retail, FinTech, eCommerce, software and education sectors, with computer vision and generative AI, price modelling and forecasting, customer behaviour analysis, custom LLMs and AI training being the most sought after services.

Most of Frame’s client base have extended their retained contracts in recent months, whilst the rise of ChatGPT and other AI breakthroughs has led directly to an uptick in enquiries from businesses that are keen to utilise these emerging technologies. It is also putting a lot of effort into growing its dedicated consultancy arm which helps companies leverage AI to drive growth.

The firm is now actively recruiting and last month launched a brand-new digital skills course with Leeds Beckett University. Partnering with the education sector is another revenue stream that will be explored over the next year.

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    Frame was established in 2020 by Liam Fulton and Hannah Bratley and is headquartered in Slaithwaite. Its team of end-to-end data experts, which includes engineers, scientists and developers, work with clients across the UK and internationally. Its client roster includes NatWest, Sorted Group, ECO Surv and Smart Data Foundry. 

    Growth has been driven with no outside investment and all profits are retained and reinvested.

    “Hitting this milestone ahead of our own forecasts is a massive achievement,” said CEO Bratley. “We are all incredibly proud of our success to date, but it’s a team effort and we are lucky to employ some of the best in the business. 

    “We know AI’s influence is only going to get stronger, but we are laser focused on delivering services that will actually help our clients to grow and thrive. 

    “That unwavering commitment is the guiding principle of the company, and our clients appreciate that approach.”

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