Thomas Olivier is on a mission to forever change how we control our own health.

The founder of health platform Omnos believes the current health system in the UK is at the edge of a cliff and needs to be more preventative.

His firm’s technology includes the first cross-analysis algorithm of its kind that merges various test results with symptom analysis and peer-reviewed health studies in one place to provide a full picture.

It is all part of Omnos’ drive to encourage a greater focus on preventative care by offering a vast suite of at-home tests.

“The current healthcare model in the UK is at breaking point. It is more centred around treating symptoms rather than tackling the root cause,” he said.

“The system is so overwhelmed with treating people with illnesses that it fails to help prevent those illnesses from occurring in the first place.

“At Omnos, we believe prevention is better than a cure and that you are the architect of your own health and wellbeing.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all silver bullet when it comes to health optimisation, you need to listen and learn from your own body to find what will work for you.

“We think it’s important to open up a conversation on democratising health, decentralising health, and taking control of your own health.”

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Omnos is designed to encourage a greater focus on preventative care by offering a range of at-home tests.

These include blood markers, genetic differences, gut health, hormones, environmental toxins (pollutants) and elements (heavy metals).

An online-only operation when it launched in 2020, it has moved into the retail space via a partnership with Selfridges. Customers can speak to in-store advisors to find a product most suited to their needs, with personalisation being a key cornerstone of Omnos’ business.

And as more and more of us look to take greater control of our own health and wellbeing, Omnos is ready to play a major part in the future of health technology.

Olivier added: “It’s an incredibly exciting time for us right now as we continue to evolve, and this year we have been working hard on some important projects.

“In May, we released our new system that allows us to take vast amounts of data and information to provide a complete picture of your health and wellbeing in one place.

“Omnos connects the dots between different tests’ results and that comprehensive picture we give our users makes us stand out from other at-home testing companies.

“We firmly believe Omnos is the future of at-home health testing, offering the most complete suite of tests on the market.

“As people increasingly look to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands, we want to continue Omnos’ growth as a major player in the health technology industry.”

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