A specialised agency group focused on the gaming industry has launched 

Reset aims to provide ‘C-Suite-in-a-box’ solutions and is focused on helping gaming companies turn their investments into stable businesses. 

It provides organisational design and interim operational support, and helps brands activate in gaming with accurate data and measurable results. 

The Reset team already has a proven track record for its services having supported clients such as Samsung, Kia, BT and Duracell, eSports teams London Spitfire and Ellevens, and tournament operators including BLAST and FACEIT in the last year. 

Reset was co-founded by four executives from the worlds of gaming, sport, media & entertainment. 

Duncan McMonagle, who has spent two decades working with global brands and rights-holders across sports and gaming, most notably as CRO at Minute Media, where he launched the companies esports platform DBLTAP, is joined by Ben Brown, veteran of Accenture, Universal Music and Spotify; plus Chris Jordan and Charlie Stebbings, who together co-founded the leading eSports executive search practice at SRI. 

McMonagle said“Our vision is to elevate gaming as a commercial property and develop a sustainable ecosystem. One where fans are prioritised, endemic players have sustainable business models, advertisers reach and engage the right audiences, and investors can deploy capital with confidence. 

For the past nine months Reset has managed all operations for the Overwatch League Team, London Spitfire.  

David Harris, Managing Director of Guinevere Capital, said: “Having worked with individual members of Reset in their previous roles across the industry, it’s exciting to see this group come together to service the sector.  

Over the past year with limitations on travel, they have provided an amazing turnkey service for both operational and commercial support on the ground in the UK.  

They know the industry and key stakeholders meaning they have been able to pick up and run with everything from London Spitfire watch parties and co-streams, to merchandise logistics and go to market sales collateral.   

They’ve assisted us launching training academies and liaised with University programs working up and down the chain from grassroots to elite level working directly with publishers.   

We have had no hesitation referring Reset on to work with other groups in the industry and look forward to continuing our relationship in 2021.” 

 Reset has hired Mike Murphy O’Reilly, former Head of Gaming & Esports at Minute Media, who joins as Reset’s Commercial Director. Murphy O’Reilly has worked on brand partnerships with clients including Kia, H&M, Warner-Bros and Activision-Blizzard. 

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