Enhanc3D Genomics has appointed former AstraZeneca figure Dr Hazel Jones as its permanent CEO.

Dr Jones has led the Cambridge MedTech, developing disruptive technologies to unlock the 3D spatial genome for target and biomarker discovery, as interim CEO and COO for the last six months.

Dr Jones has overseen the company’s global business operations and held responsibility for executing its strategic vision for commercial and academic partnerships in that time. She has played a leading role in transitioning the Company’s 3D genomics platform from development to practical application in R&D.

Prior to joining Enhanc3D Genomics as COO in November 20231, Dr Jones held various roles within AstraZeneca, including executive product director of clinical data, and head of business planning and operations in oncology R&D. 

She was also previously head of combination therapies at Cancer Research UK. 

Enhanc3D Genomics has established a genome-wide 3D-genome mapping technology, GenLink3D, which provides profound insights into long-distance gene regulation and disease pathways, demystifying the non-coding genome. 

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GenLink3D profiles 3D genome folding at high resolution and over long distances, for all genes and their enhancers, identifying cell-type specific contacts and providing complete genome connectivity to disease pathways for the discovery of novel targets and biomarkers. 

3D genomics can identify novel disease genes, reveal mechanisms of drug action, stratify patients and more. Enhanc3D Genomics is using this approach to identify the right target, in the right cell for the right patient, enabling its commercial and academic partners to both optimally arm and de-risk their drug discovery process.

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“My time as COO and interim CEO has been highly rewarding, and I am now honoured and excited to have been appointed to continue to lead Enhanced Genomics as CEO,” said Dr Jones. 

“I am grateful for the trust placed in me by the board and look forward to continuing to lead the company through our pivotal transition period to full commercialisation of our 3D genomics platform.”

Chairman Dr Chris Torrance added: “We’re thrilled to officially appoint Hazel as CEO. Her guidance as COO and interim CEO has been instrumental in driving Enhanc3D Genomics’ global operations, forming new connections and developing existing strategic partnerships. 

“On behalf of the board, I congratulate Hazel and look forward to continuing to work with her during this exciting phase for the company.”

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