A new flight-sharing website is aiming to connect regions not served by commercial airlines. 

AirPool says it intends to become the UK’s leading demand-led, pay-per-seat air marketplace. 

The firm says it could enable day-return business trips from local airports and cut down on long-winded surface travel from and to regions where air travel is not currently practical. 

It is partnering with professional CAAapproved operators who already operate small turbo-prob aircraft with up to 19 seats. 

AirPool, based in Buckinghamshire, will operate a shared-economy model confirming flights only when the minimum number of customers required has been reached. 

CEO Peter Evans said: “Our aggregated-charter model isn’t just about connecting private charter passengers; it’s about intelligently using available business aircraft to satisfy regional travel needs on low-demand routes whilst enabling the traveller to save valuable time and boost productivity.  

We will make day-return business trips achievable between locations where that just isn’t possible today. AirPool is all about flexibility, convenience and safety.” 

The company is also looking towards the potential launch of electric/hydrogen fuelled aircraft, capable of vertical take-off and landing, in 2023. 

AirPool is preparing to take bookings for whole-plane charters while it builds its mobile app to support the pay-per-seat model.  

Fundraising is underway with full launch anticipated in Q1 2021.