Posted on December 16, 2016 by staff

Five of the world’s best techy hotels


Robes, slippers and free tea and biscuits were once regarded as the height of luxury in a hotel room.

Not anymore. Now you can get a robot concierge to take your luggage, bedrooms equipped with techno walls and iPhones that unlock your door.

Welcome to today’s new-look hotels.

1. CityHub, Amsterdam

CityHub in Amsterdam features futuristic sleeping pods as a better alternative to a hostel.

The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, an audio streaming service and mood lighting controlled by an app.

The minimalist pods shine a new light on the traditional hostel, with a wristband that allows guests to unlock their doors.

Each room plays music, allowing the guests to choose their songs through a digitised system.

Guests at CityHub also have access to the CityHub app, an interactive travel guide that provides real time suggestions on activities and events throughout the city.

2. The Weird Hotel, Japan 

Aptly named The Weird Hotel in Japan is taking automation to new lengths as it is partially run by robots.

Waiting for its guests at reception is an English- and Japanese-speaking robot.

A robot concierge doll is also waiting in each room to help guests find nearby restaurants and recommend nearby events.

Rooms in The Weird Hotel are opened by facial recognition, which is also used upon arrival and check in.

3. Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

For the city that never sleeps, The Las Vegas Aria Resort and Casino Hotel also caters for all customers.

From smart rooms that can detect when you enter a room and trigger functions such as automatically opening the curtains, playing music, turning on the TV and adjusting the temperature, to notifying you of a Black Jack table that’s just opened up nearby, Aria Resort is a digital heaven.

4. Yotel, New York

Self-service kiosks greet guests at this New York Hotel whilst an automated 15-foot robot concierge will help with luggage and stow away valuables in a safe deposit.

Bedrooms come equipped with techno walls that have the ability to stream audio, super-strength Wi-Fi, air conditioning activated by motion sensors and a bed that automatically folds away once you leave the room.

5. Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine, Spain

With futuristic décor, this Spanish hotel is the first in Europe to offer Google Glass free to its guests.

The virtual screen allows guests to take photos and videos as well as access the internet during their stay, with just a roll of the eye rather than a stroke of the fingertip – and all without the added cost.