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Finding potential customers, processing their data, and planning mailings are routine tasks that no company can do without. Still, there is a way to facilitate their performance, i.e. to automate marketing. Simplification of routine tasks should be achieved with the help of special platforms. They are selected for specific requests and the industry of activity. In today’s world, this is a necessary step to have time for developing growth strategies.

Here is what marketing automation software can provide:

  • space for other equally important types of activities;
  • optimization of posts and publications, email scheduling, evaluation, and processing of potential customers;
  • analyzing user data to generate personalized mailings.

Software for small and medium-sized businesses is tailored to their needs and requirements. It is important to understand what outcome is expected and what tools are available now.

Marketing Automation: How to Control a Workflow?

Powerful marketing automation software works to create effective advertising campaigns to attract customers. The software performs the following types of tasks:

  • tracks customer activity on the company website;
  • schedules and sends emails;
  • analyzes data and maintains reports;
  • posts promotional publications on social media pages;
  • evaluates and segments leads.

The main objectives of implementing software to control a workflow are as follows:

  • attracting more high-quality customers interested in the company’s products or services;
  • optimizing marketing operations;
  • serving customers with an individualized approach to build trust and further interaction;
  • achieving all the objectives of the pre-formulated marketing plan.

Analytical functionality is considered especially valuable in such software. This is what determines the success of a business in different channels and segments. The possibility to attract as many high-quality customers as possible instantly affects the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, as well as the company’s income, because the return on investment increases.

Not so long ago it became possible to control a workflow with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. Such a breakthrough has made automation more advanced and added timeliness to marketing messages. Artificial intelligence automatically provides valuable hints regarding optimal messages and visual content for certain customers. This enables you to improve the results of your marketing strategy without much effort.

When using software to control a workflow, you can use a template or start a smart space from scratch. Communication with the customer starts with basic messages where you thank them for buying or registering on the site. The user’s actions are tracked. If he or she is interested and opens the link in the email, it makes sense to continue working with him or her. If the client deleted the email and did not even open it, the software is able to automatically exclude such a frame from the workflow.

Marketing Automation Software: Tools for Customer Management

Managing potential clients is much easier when modern technology comes to the rescue:

1. Database. Actions between your business and users are recorded. This is about clicking on links, exploring emails, and scoring collaborations.

2. Behavior tracking. The system automatically observes the actions of a potential client and determines his/her interests. Social networks and websites that are launched are taken into account, as well as keywords searched on the World Wide Web.

3. Engagement. Emails will be sent to customers automatically under the marketing strategy that was defined earlier (in the order the business needs);

4. Automation of sales department tasks. Further communication with clients is built based on algorithms embedded in the software, which demonstrate effectiveness in different industries of activity.

5. Flexible scheduling. If you wish, you can develop a schedule for sending messages (days/hours) in advance. You can set priorities or require the system to send emails at a specific time, taking into account the client’s time zone.

6. Segmentation. Behavioral and demographic filters are used to increase the effectiveness of the outreach process.

7. Consideration of potential customer base. Before launching the software, you can define undesirable and desirable user behavior, so that marketing automation software automatically identifies customers who are suitable for the marketing campaign.

The software also monitors the quality of the data. Information can be standardized, missing information can be found and identical queries can be combined.

How to Choose the Optimal Marketing Automation Software?

The above are not all of the features that modern platforms offer. In addition, they may not be available or implemented in many different ways. Before you start to fully utilize marketing automation software, you should do some testing. A free period to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the software product is provided by most developers. This opportunity should not be neglected if you want to get a reliable assistant for workflow control.

Another step in choosing marketing automation software is communicating with sales representatives. Some platforms are constantly expanding, and also offer such an opportunity as adding individual functionality by implementing third-party programs. It’s better and easier if all the tools you need are already built into the platform, it’s also cheaper. Still, there are cases when you need to organize an efficient workspace on your own.

If you have never worked with marketing automation software before, it is worth paying attention to easy-to-use packages. It is important for them to have the basic functions you will need. Expensive, complex platforms are not always a good choice, especially if you’re just on your way to learning about digital marketing collaboration.

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Software designed to optimize routine tasks is needed by both small and medium-sized businesses. For the former, it is important because they often operate with limited resources. Any opportunity to automate marketing becomes essential to the operations of the entire company. Medium-sized businesses can even compete with large companies with the help of modern smart tools.

The ability to automate the process of routine tasks helps to devote time to more important activities, including thinking of innovations and strategies for faster growth in the market. Get comfortable controlling a workflow with software from PandaDoc.