Austrian tech start-up breathe ilo has launched its breath-based fertility test in the UK following a £4.4m investment.

The handheld device uses breath analysis to track fertility and menstrual cycles by measuring the breathe’s CO2 saturation levels, which it claims is a first in the UK and world.

The new technology is hoped to signal the end of cycle tracking by urinating on a stick or by measuring their temperature.

The device connects to an app and displays the results in 60 seconds, and the firm claims its tech has helped 1 in 3 women fall pregnant in just three months.

The breathe ilo app features a calendar that displays an overview of fertile days and a cycle diary to learn more about individual cycle patterns.

breathe ilo’s cycle diary also enables users to document further cycle symptoms like breast tenderness, PMS, cervical mucus, or headaches to help prepare women for their next cycle.

The device can either be bought or rented from the firm and is the brainchild of gynaecologist Professor Dr. Ludwig Wildt and Dr. Horst Rüther.

Bastian Rüther, breathe ilo’s CEO, comments, “We are excited to launch into the UK, which is known for its innovative and world-leading fertility sector. We are helping to bring the sector into the 21st century with our UK and world first breathe ilo product which is as simple as breathing.

“As a company, we have a wider ambition to create a comfortable space where women can speak freely about trying to conceive and their menstrual cycles, along with all that is in between.”