Posted on February 1, 2017 by staff

Fashion maker adopts VST Enterprises’ scannable tech


International fashion manufacturer Dewhirst has partnered with cyber security pioneer VST Enterprises to adopt its scannable code technology on its clothing, footwear and accessories.

Dewhirst, one of the main clothing suppliers for several of the UK’s most recognised retailers, will use proprietary technology VApparel at the point of sale to enable speedy purchasing and provide related product information, including offers and promotions.

The VCode technology behind the textile project will also prevent international circulation of counterfeit products and enable garment traceability.

Among Dewhirst’s clients are department stores, high street and high-end fashion brands and Premier League football clubs.

“Dewhirst has a predilection for value, ethics and innovation, and the partnership will bring this traditional but innovative fashion brand to the forefront of modern technology,” said VST CEO Louis-James Davis, who told a BusinessCloud roundtable recently that VST could be as big as Google.

“Dewhirst is pioneering the use of this technology on wearable items across its international network and we plan to work together to use VApparel for many more applications in future.

“We are looking forward to defining new ways to apply the technology as our partnership evolves.”

The technology can be deployed by any garment and accessory manufacturer or retailer wishing to improve protection against counterfeiters and fraudsters.

Anthony Wood, CEO of Dewhirst, said: “VST Enterprises is one of the most innovative businesses that I have come across, and Louis is one of the most creative entrepreneurs that I have ever met.

“VApparel will revolutionise engagement with the customer pre- and post-purchase, across sectors and geographies, ensuring quality, safe, genuine fashion.

“Dewhirst is one of the largest and most forward thinking private clothing companies in the world, so this partnership with VST Enterprises is set to be a perfect match.”

VST recently announced that its VCode tech will be used on a project to build a low-emission autonomous flying vehicle.