Aftermarket tech specialist SamsonVT has announced that Partful will become the dominant trading name for its transformative 3D parts fulfilment platform. 

The change follows the consolidation of key products prior to the company’s next stage of growth.

SamsonVT, which topped our recent FactoryTech 50 ranking, has integrated its complementary 3D work instructions platform, previously known as Workflo, within the Partful product.

To help communicate this combined offering to customers and investors, the Manchester-based startup has retired the Workflo name and made Partful its flagship brand name. 

The move is designed to also prevent any confusion with separate aftermarket products developed by SamsonVT, which include a pioneering predictive maintenance solution. SamsonVT will remain the legal name of Partful’s parent company.

By consolidating previously separate products, Partful is now providing users with an end-to-end repair and maintenance support tool. The 3D visualisation platform helps users to quickly identify the part accurately and order from manufacturers in an instant. The integration of work instructions will also help users to easily fit the part in a fraction of the time. 

“As we reach the next stage of our growth, we want to make it easier for customers and investors to understand what Partful provides and why it will be so transformative for the aftermarket,” said Sam Burgess, CEO of Partful.

“This will require us to place the parent company name on the back seat. We’re still the same company that our customers know and trust, but we now have a name that reflects the key role the Partful product will play in the future of parts fulfilment.”

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