Posted on May 9, 2017 by staff

Facebook ‘must delete hate speech’, after court ruling


Facebook has been told it must delete posts containing hate speech following a ruling by a court in Austria.

The decision could have international implications after the leader the country’s Green Party was targeted by a false account.

Facebook had allegedly been asked, but failed to delete certain hate posts directed at Eva Glawischnig.

According to the BBC, the social network has not yet responded to the ruling.

Seen as a victory by campaigners who want social media platforms to do more to combat trolling, the court ruled that worldwide postings must be deleted – not just those in Austria.

Vienna appeals court stated that merely blocking the messages about Glawischnig in Austria without removing them for users abroad would not be sufficient.

A Green lawmaker, Dieter Brosz, claimed the party would attempt to get the ruling strengthened by Austria’s highest court.

They said Facebook could no longer claim it was just a platform and needed to take responsibility for tackling hate postings.

A further ruling could open Facebook up to being sued by other users