Posted on September 13, 2019 by staff

Ex popstar heads to Dragon’s Den with ‘social alarm clock’


The pop-star turned entrepreneur is to take his invention to the investors on Sunday.

An entrepreneur behind ‘social alarm clock’ app Snoozle is to take his invention to the investors of Dragon’s Den this Sunday.

Founder Phil Neale previously appeared on 2015’s Britain’s Got Talent with his two brothers and their dad as ‘The Neales’. The act eventually featured in the top 25 of the Official UK Music Charts with their debut single.

Neale will enter the Den on Sunday with the hope that he can disrupt the App Store Charts with the help of the Dragons.

The app, which the firm said ‘helps people switch off with their world’ became one of the fastest crowdfunding campaigns of 2017, when it reached its £100,000 investment target within just 9 hours of the campaign going live.

It has already reached fifth place in the UK App Store ‘Lifestyle’ ranking, and reached the top of the trending social apps chart in the Google Play Store.

The app is designed to let friends, family members and influencers record an alarm tone for others to wake up to.

Users pick the time of their alarm and leave it to friends and creators to create the content they wake up to.

Neale described the audio snippets as ‘micro-podcasts’.

The firm has also recently added a ‘digital switch off’ feature to its app.

When users set an alarm through the app and are ready to sleep, the app enters a sleep mode, which lets users see how many completed hours they have had switched off from digital distractions.

Neale will appear on Dragon’s Den with on Sunday 15th September 2019.