Slalom, the global business and technology consulting company, has appointed ex-Accenture executive Caroline Grant as managing director of Slalom Manchester.

Grant is responsible for building Slalom’s relationships with clients and its brand presence across the region, overseeing the growth of Slalom Manchester.

She’s taking over from Paul Squire, who founded the Slalom Manchester office in 2019 and has grown the business to a 120-person team serving organisations throughout the North West, and beyond.

Speaking on her appointment, Grant said: “I’ve been watching with interest since Slalom’s inception in the UK. The culture has become increasingly important to me. It’s easy to say you’re a people-first organisation but it’s rare to see it evidenced in real life as it is at Slalom.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the brilliant Manchester team, continuing to connect Slalom’s business and technology consulting with local organisations and wider community, as we’re still a relative newcomer to the market.

“I’ve been working in and around Manchester for the past four years and I think both the passion and talent of the teams, coupled by the dynamism of local business, creates a unique and exciting environment for growth.”

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Slalom Manchester opened its new offices earlier this year.

Commenting on Grant’s appointment, Slalom UK & Ireland President, Dave Williams, added: “I’m so excited to welcome Caroline into the Slalom UK and Ireland business.

“She strongly represents Slalom’s purpose-focus and people-first culture and, as we look to grow our presence in the North, her people skills and client expertise will be invaluable. We look forward to the positive impact she will provide for our team and customers.”

Paul Squire is moving to a new role as director of transformation; supporting Slalom’s client experience for UK and Ireland-based organisations, as they adopt rapidly emerging technologies, develop their talent, and enable business transformation.

He said: “I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in Slalom Manchester over the past four years. Starting a business in 2019, just before the pandemic, made for unpredictable challenges, but the tenacity and adaptability of our people has helped us grow organically to a 120-strong team today. I’m excited for Caroline to continue building on Slalom Manchester’s momentum and vision to build better tomorrows for all.

“In my new role I will be working closely with Caroline, as well as leaders in our London and Dublin businesses, to shape and deliver some of our clients’ most impactful initiatives.”

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Originally launched in Seattle in 2001, Slalom has since grown organically to 45 markets and now eight countries.