Posted on August 10, 2017 by staff

Event will demystify artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence and what it really means is the subject of a BusinessCloud event in October.

Seven speakers have already confirmed for the breakfast event on October 17th, at the Entrepreneurial Spark facility, in Spinningfields, Manchester.

AI has been described as both the biggest threat to mankind and the biggest advance in technology the world has ever seen.

Basic examples of AI include spellcheckers and apps like Siri while the technology is also being deployed in automated cars to Google’s Deep Mind AlphaGo, which beat the world champion of Go.

BusinessCloud, in conjunction with NatWest, has teamed up with Pro-Manchester to look at the growing impact of AI and where the technology might go next.

The confirmed speakers include:

  • Adam Hosker, solutions specialist, Business Data & Intelligent Systems, SoftwareONE UK
  • Luke Grimes. director, Webantic
  • Colum Wilde, CEO, Clever Adviser
  • Sam Coley,  co-founder and CTO, TickX
  • Chris Jones, operations director, AMPLYFI
  • Glyn Powditch, CTO and co-founder, Dream Agility
  • Andrea Perizzato, CTO, Dreamr