Posted on June 6, 2018 by staff

Europe’s cyber security finest failing on email security


Three-quarters of information security leaders attending Infosec are falling short on essential email authentication measures, leaving their trusted brands open to email spoofing.

Data-driven cyber security platform Red Sift analysed the DMARC records for exhibitors’ primary email domains.

DMARC stands for ‘Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance’ and is an email authentication protocol which was lauded by the National Cyber Security Centre as the most effective defence against email impersonation – and therefore phishing attacks.

It found that while 372 security solutions vendors are busily advising users on cyber security best practice at this year’s Infosecurity Europe conference in London, 74 per cent aren’t taking the right steps to implement DMARC and protect their own domains from email fraud.

Recent research from Cofense found that 91 per cent of cyber-attacks start with email impersonation.

“Infosecurity Europe is one of the highlights of the cyber security calendar,” said Red Sift CEO Rahul Powar.

“Our DMARC discovery feels like one of those moments you learn your all-time-hero thinks The Matrix is a documentary… these events are timely reminders for firms to get their own houses in order.

“Global DMARC adoption is fairly low, which is why we’re here at the event to raise awareness and hopefully inspire more organisations to stamp out this vulnerability.”

See Red Sift at Infosec this week at stand Q140.