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There are so many managed cloud providers on the market that examining all the options would simply take far too long. 

This is one of the chief reasons why so many businesses just plump for the big brand names they recognise.

That, however, is not the most enlightened approach. Service providers are key business partners, and it is important to find one that’s the right fit for your company and its goals. Here we take a look at eukhost, a proudly independent UK provider with a 20-year record in delivering managed cloud solutions. 

eukhost’s managed cloud services are suited to both small and large enterprises. By carrying out key server management tasks on the customer’s behalf, they cater for small businesses with minimal in-house server management expertise, while taking the burden off the IT teams of larger companies, freeing them up to focus on business oriented projects.    

Hi-spec reliable infrastructure 

eukhost operates from four state of the art ISO2000, ISO9001 and ISO27001-accredited data centres across the UK, armed with the latest high-speed hardware, including Intel Xeon clusters and NVME drives. 

Its architecture is designed to provide separation between storage and compute, and this enables the servers to float between physical hardware locations. As a result, resources can be scaled and availability maintained even if there is a failure elsewhere in the network. 

In the unlikely event of a failure, the four data centres feature highly secure, redundant and hyper-converged architecture which protects cloud virtual machines from hardware and network failure. 

As a consequence, the company is confidently able to deliver 100% SLA uptime guarantees, making it ideal for businesses seeking a provider that can keep their mission-critical applications permanently available. 

Unparalleled technical support

As an independent company, eukhost has maintained that small business mentality of focusing on its customer relationships. At the heart of this is an established record of providing outstanding technical support that, unlike many of its rivals, is still delivered by real people. 

Available 24/7, 365 days a year, businesses facing issues with their hosting have the peace of mind that expert technicians will be there to assist them. 

The technical support team can be reached in several ways, including online chat, telephone, ticket and email, ensuring that in urgent situations, customers have a range of communication channels to choose from. 

On top of the technical support, customers will also find a comprehensive knowledgebase, a popular online forum and a regularly updated blog which, together, provide a highly curated and encyclopaedic source of information and help. 

Effortless scalability 

Today’s digitally driven enterprises have significant and highly fluctuating demands for IT resources. Not only are they deploying a greater number of applications; they are collecting, storing and processing ever larger quantities of data. 

It is not uncommon that during busy periods or when carrying out data processing that there is a need to scale up storage, CPU and RAM at very short notice. Not only does eukhost have the capacity for this across its four (soon to be five) data centres; but customers wanting to scale up can do so at the click of a button. 

Instant scalability is not the only advantage here. The other benefit is that customers are only charged for additional resources on a pay as you go basis. They don’t have to upgrade to a different plan and are free to scale back down again as demand recedes. As a result, what eukhost customers get is a highly flexible and cost-effective cloud solution that’s ideal for growing companies and those with little manoeuvring room with their budgets. 

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High-performance apps 

Aside from providing 100% uptime guarantees, eukhost also ensures that its cloud servers deliver on performance. This is down to the use of intel Xeon clusters and enterprise-class NVME storage, which, together, give applications the power they need to perform optimally even during busy periods. As a result, websites will load quickly and customer facing apps will respond rapidly to user interaction.

Security with teeth

As cyber attacks increase in both number and sophistication, all organisations have to ramp up security to defend against hacking, malware, and ransomware and to prevent downtime and data breaches. 

eukhost invests heavily in security. It employs security expertise and partners with industry leaders, including Fortinet, whose best in application-aware firewall technology, FortiGate, ringfences the provider’s infrastructure. This means its customers’ data and applications are protected by a powerful, next-gen Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and In-Flow Virus Protection that detect and isolate threats before they get anywhere near the server. 

Other security solutions offered by eukhost include business-class SSL certificates, email verification, email encryption certificates and VPN.  

Veeam and Acronis backup and continuity

To safeguard against data loss caused by system failure, human errors, faulty updates, ransomware or data corruption, eukhost cloud customers have the option of using Veeam or Acronis’s industry-leading backup solutions. These comprehensive solutions allow users to schedule automated backups at the frequency they need, protecting them with military-grade AES encryption and checking for integrity. For complete peace of mind, eukhost then replicates them. 

World-leading control panels

A high-quality control panel makes it much easier to manage your hosting and website. At eukhost, you get the option of using either cPanel/WHM or Plesk, which have long been the best and most popular control panels in the industry. The Linux-based cPanel/WHM is ideal for platforms like WordPress and Magento, while Plesk, which can also be used with Linux, is regarded as the top choice for Windows servers and Windows-based websites. 

Customised services

One of the things that make eukhost attractive to enterprises is that management, support, security, performance and business continuity can all be customised for the customer’s specific needs. 

While server management is carried out as an integral feature of eukhost’s cloud service, its enterprise support team is adept at creating tailored management solutions that meet a more extended range of needs. This includes delivering round the clock system monitoring and ongoing server maintenance. 

While these bespoke services incur additional fees, companies that lack the expertise or time to do them in-house will find that they are expertly delivered and far less costly than onboarding third-party consultants. 

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Tailored security and compliance services 

All companies have individual security and compliance requirements, and it can be a drawn out and arduous process to implement effective measures, particularly when migrating to the cloud for the first time. Eukhost is able to help here, too, ensuring strong security and minimising the burden on IT staff by designing and implementing a bespoke security policy that meets both security and regulatory needs. 

Bespoke performance optimisation

eukhost will partner with customers to analyse their applications and produce a customised solution that optimises performance in line with their usage scenario. Highly appreciated by many customers, this add-on service ensures that companies have all the resources their applications need while maintaining cost-effectiveness by preventing them from overspending on unnecessary services. 


The increasing need for digital transformation means that the cloud is now becoming the infrastructure of choice when it comes to availability, scalability and cost-effectiveness. For businesses seeking to find a cloud provider to host their applications, eukhost, has an approach to delivering cloud services that is more customer-oriented than the more familiar brands on the market.   

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