It was a sea of green on Wednesday morning as almost every one of the top 100 most valuable cryptocurrency coins climbed in value.

Leading the way among the majors was Ethereum (ETH), which added 8% to surpass $2,800 at the time of writing (7am). Despite the widespread freefall last week, it is now only 5% down on its position seven days ago.

Ripple’s XRP coin, which had climbed 22% in the previous 24-hour period, added 3% to hit $1.03. However XRP is still down 30% on a week ago and has a long way to go to return to its record high of $1.91, set a few weeks ago.

Litecoin’s (LTC) surge continued, rising 8% to $194. The altcoin – billed as a lighter and faster version of Bitcoin – shed almost half of its value a week ago but seems to be on the way back.

Bitcoin gained more than 2% to rise above $39,000 and is around the price it was seven days ago. Time will tell if it can return to its record price of $63,000 despite increasing action and warnings against digital currencies from national governments and their machinery.

Dogecoin (DOGE), the coin created as a crypto parody and based on a meme, rose slightly to approach 36 cents. It is 13% down on its position seven days ago.

The biggest gains in the last 24 hours were by Telcoin (TEL), up 36%; Polygon (MATIC), up 34% to $2.26; and Holo (HOT), up 34%.

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