Posted on November 14, 2019 by staff

ERG supports social entrepreneurship and innovation


Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, says it ‘works to ensure that the business supports the sustainable development of local communities’.

ERG plays a pivotal role within the Global Battery Alliance, arranged on the World Economic Forum platform, and through initiatives including the Clean Cobalt Framework and the Green Office Project as it champions sustainability principles in the sector.

Projects and initiatives conducted by ERG aim to increase the transparency and traceability of cobalt across the metal’s global value chain.

The Group also provides financial and logistical support in order to strengthen the socioeconomic development of local communities.

ERG supports social entrepreneurship and innovation 

With ERG’s support, students got an opportunity to develop and present their ideas as part of the Group’s Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystem programme. 144 participants worked on new and innovative business ideas such as a white cane for the blind with navigation assistance features, heated ‘smart’ shoe insoles, and magnetic zippers designed for people with motor disabilities.

As a result of ERG’s support, many of these technologies serve the purpose of raising the standard of living across local communities. ERG’s programme has already put some of these ideas into practice: Trackathon, a start-up that develops high-tech arm prosthesis with voice control technology, and a mobile phone charger powered by movement.

The winning team in 2018 came up with a chemical formula that allows stains to be easily removed from white soles and trainers. The team intends to start mass production of their cleaning product soon.

Not only does the Group help develop social projects but it is also directly involved in the development of entrepreneurial skills and expertise in young people, allowing them to attain an edge in the labour market and become successful entrepreneurs.

Child protection initiatives

The Group also assists local communities in Africa that lack education systems, child psychological and legal support. ERG supports the process of recruiting experienced teachers for local schools, medical consultants and professionals to provide students with access to education and healthcare.

Making offices and enterprises more eco-friendly

Eurasian Resources Group is also an advocate of environmental protection. The company is a member of the Global Battery Alliance, which, among other things, seeks to address challenges associated with sourcing and production of cobalt in the global industry via promoting sustainable extraction and partnerships.

In June 2019, ERG joined the Green Office Project, whose principles are set out below:

  • save resources;
  • use eco-friendly products and gadgets;
  • purify, ionise, and humidify the air;
  • recycle waste.

Since the initiative was launched in 2018, the company has been developing various ecological solutions which are now implemented across a number of ERG’s offices and workspaces.