Posted on May 14, 2018 by staff

Equinix announces £29m expansion of London Data Centre


Equinix is expanding its LD4 International Business Exchange data centre at its London Slough campus.

The new $39 million (£29m) expansion is scheduled to open in Q4 2018 and will enable customers to interconnect securely with over 1,000 businesses in London.

These will include leading capital markets participants, insurers and electronic payments firms as well as more than 200 network service providers and 275 cloud and IT service providers.

With over 90 network service providers and access to a range of transatlantic cables, the London Slough campus is one of the busiest network nodes in the UK, and offers latency in the region of 30 milliseconds to New York and 4 milliseconds to Frankfurt.

As such it is an ideal high-performance hub for electronic trading, as well as cloud and content service provision. As such, Equinix counts Nasdaq among its clients.

“Nasdaq’s collaboration with Equinix allows us to better serve our customers and partners from inside one of the world’s most interconnected data centres,” said James McKeone, AVP and head of strategic relationships and products for Nasdaq’s Global Information Services.

“With our presence in LD4, we are able to better provide products like Nasdaq Basic and our Global Index Data Service to investors in Europe.

“Localised data centres mean better market access for all and improved market transparency.”

Russell Poole, managing director of Equinix UK, said: “It is estimated that the financial and professional services industry contributes £176bn to the UK economy annually.

“In order for London to retain its title as the financial centre of the world, despite concerns over Brexit, businesses require the latest IT infrastructure to thrive.

“The extension of our LD4 data centre will help financial market participants continue to interconnect on a global scale – enabling them to improve the way investors access and act on the information that drives the global economy.”