Posted on March 21, 2019 by staff

Entrepreneur launches world-first ethical hiring platform


A London entrepreneur is launching a world-first socially responsible ethical hiring platform, set to disrupt the hiring market.

In return for a charitable donation, Network-14, founded by former Worldpay talent acquisition partner Elan Diamond, will connect employers with a community of experienced professionals, providing referrals for open vacancies.

Employers posting vacancies that receive applications will be able to review details of both the jobseeker and their sponsor as part of their consideration process.

They will then be able to engage directly with a sponsor to obtain a professional reference regarding technical, behavioural and leadership competencies, as well as testimony regarding previous performance and achievements.

This allows businesses to capitalise on the knowledge and understanding unique to those who genuinely know the nominee on a professional level.

“The best hires a business makes are internal referrals. Factually proven, they are the hires that typically perform best and in line with predicted expectations,” said Diamond.

“Secondly, after direct hiring efforts have been exhausted, the only route left for hiring was recruitment agencies.

“The cost differential between direct hiring and agency hiring was so large, I struggled to establish how that service reflected value.

“Essentially it is a very expensive introduction service with the employer still undertaking the majority of the effort to secure the hire.”

Employers posting assignments onto the job board will offer a sum for Sponsors to donate to a charity of their choosing for successful introductions.

He added: “Removing personal gain renders the input of the sponsor significant and authentic to employers as part of their decision-making.

“Not only this, but in the current climate incentivising sponsors with an opportunity to give back is a powerful motivator.

“Ultimately, Network-14 is looking to reclassify the meaning of ‘rewarding opportunities’ – improving lives, one role at a time.”