Posted on June 3, 2015 by staff

Employers Not Buying New Tech


Nearly 42% of millennials believe employers should invest in new technology and systems, despite the chance of high cost.

Only a mere 9% of employers said they would invest in the latest technology if costs were high.

Millennial professionals involved in a survey by recruiter Robert Walters, who investigated the working habits and attitudes of those born in 1980 and 1999 from a range of sectors and regions, said finding an employer who embraced technology was a priority.

42% said employers should always seek to implement the latest technologies despite the associated costs.

Managing director at Robert Walters, Colin Loth said: “Millennial workers feel more at home in a digital workplace than any generation that has come before them. They are used to adapting to new technology and expect their employer to do the same.

“When weighing up the cost and benefits of any new systems for their business, employers should remember the potential such an investment has to attract millennial professionals.”