Elite Group, a leading ICT provider headquartered in Chorley, Lancashire, has undergone a major reorganisation with the launch of IT managed service provider, Netcentrix.

CEO Adam Turton is spearheading this transformation, emphasising a renewed commitment to unparalleled customer experience.

The planned reorganisation will separate and demerge the communications and IT services part of Elite Group into two separate trading companies.

As part of this initiative, Elite Group is reintroducing the Netcentrix brand, originally acquired in 2016, exclusively focusing on IT managed services.

Elite Group will maintain its focus on cloud communications and contact centre services, including connectivity, unified communications as a service, contact centre as a service voice, and mobile services.

IT Services currently provided by Elite Group will transition to Netcentrix to optimise service delivery and enhance customer support. The Netcentrix brand will launch in April 2024.

By strategically distributing services between Elite Group and Netcentrix, the company aims to leverage the unique expertise of each business unit to drive growth.

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This approach enables the delivery of specialised and tailored solutions with increased agility; optimising the experience for customers and meeting specific requirements with precision.

Both Elite Group and Netcentrix will now sit unified under the umbrella of new technology group (NTG), a sustainable technology brand created for strategic acquisitions, heralding a new era of innovation and growth. There are no redundancies as part of the reorganisation.

Adam Turton, CEO of Elite Group said: “This positive change is driven by customer value and represents a vital step to ensuring we are organised in a way where we can successfully deliver on our customer experience ambitions.

“We believe that organising our company this way, provides greater focus in service delivery, enabling us to bring more combined value, technology and innovation to Elite Group and Netcentrix customers.”

Elite Group has two offices, with the head office in Chorley, and another in Wrexham.